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Good, nice, awesome, tight, mint, dope, straight, ill, sick.
Although this can refer to "sot weed", which means tobacco, this word is actually a synonym of dank. Dank means good, nice, awesome, hot. If a hot girl walks by, she's dank. Maserati rolls by, u say "dank car". If you blaze some dope chronic, you would say that its some "dank nug". So if you find out you dont have to go to school or work tomorrow, you would say "sot".
by Some kid from Fairport, NY. May 05, 2006
4 19
An offensive term for one who drinks habitually, (drunkard).
That sot's passed out at nine for the fourth night in a row.
by gus December 26, 2004
108 46
Something other than science.

Used for those crappy subjects that no one wants to study and that are better left unnamed.
A: Hey, wanna see a movie tonight?
B: Sorry, I wish I could. I gotta study for my 2 SOTS midterms tomorrow.
A: Oh damn, thank gauss I don't have any SOTS classes this term.
by SSPwestmont2010 January 18, 2011
33 6
In the use of true sots, sot can have any meaning. A sot is basically a true legend in life, the abbreviation of sot will never be revealed, even if you think your a sot you couldn't handle it.

sot, sotty sottingham.

sot? sot! sotty sot? yes sott!!! absolute sot
by bonger112233 October 11, 2011
41 15
Acronym that means So Over That. Usually used in reference to an ex significant other.
Phil: "Dude, i'm S.O.T" Ben: "Yeah, she was a hoebag"
by Matt Powley February 05, 2006
25 8
"sick of this shit"
stats is killing me. man, i'm so SOTS!

mr. mchenry heard me cuss in class, so now i've resorted to just saying sots.
by kelseyelizabethh September 21, 2011
10 1
Stands for "Secret Off Topic." An internet forum that formed as a result of oppressive moderators and hypocritical game developers. One must be sponsored by a current member in order to gain access, hence the "secrecy."
I cannot wait to join SOT so I can free my mind and escape the tyrannical rule of commie mods.
by Mogris April 25, 2006
64 61
An acronym for "Shit On The Stairs".

1. (verb); When one consumes excessive amounts of whiskey, usually Irish, resulting in a state of utter inebriation culminating with being awoken to the realization they've erringly used the stairs as a place to defecate

2. (noun); The result in the aftermath when one uses the stairs as a place to drop a deuce often leaving an unpleasant stain
Kev: You're not going to fucking believe this. I was completely annihilated last night and shit on my stairs. I thought it was the toilet! I think I was sleepwalking.

Chris: Bro that's an explosive case of the SOTS. You're fucking filthy.

Kev: The worst part - Ann had to clean it up!
by Cebbin December 26, 2013
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