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a combination of sorta and kinda to mean "somewhat like" or "a little bit"
I'm sorta kinda crazy.
by The Paul June 28, 2004
sort of kind of...really a cover up in avoiding the true answer of yes
did you sleep with him?
sorta kinda...
by fynest July 29, 2004
An unsure response to something; neither one way nor the other.
{About a boy who Jane isnt sure about}
Sandy: Do you like Jim?
Jane: Sorta kinda.
by Miatta Gorvie June 28, 2004
Having a vague or difficult-to-determine meaning.
- "Are you and Jimmy going out, Karen?"
- "We're sorta kinda dating, but not going out. It's complicated."
by Rukasu_B June 27, 2004
'Sorta' is short for 'sort of'. 'Kinda' is short for 'kind of'. They essentially mean the same thing. The term 'sorta kinda' is no different.
Person A: "Was the movie any good?"
Person B: "Sorta kinda."
by Ryan Thompson June 26, 2004
"kinda sorta" backwards. It has the same meaning, but sounds worse.
-Having a Good Day?

-Meh... (kinda sorta/sorta kinda)
by Jonathan December 02, 2004