To give another person his share of something, typically used in a financial connotation or as means of assisting another
Give me your share of the money, and I'll place the bet. Once we win I'll sort you out.

I know you can't get it working; give me a minute or two and I'll come over there and sort you out.
by Bels November 08, 2005
Top Definition
verb To sort out means to resolve some unfinished business or problem with someone or something.
bentley's gonna sort you out!
by rich rick December 30, 2009
Sort You Out would mean if you are a problem to confront you and make you stop being a problem, to Sort You out would be to deal with you in a way that will make you stop being a problem and keep you on the straight and narrow to make sure you are not a problem again,

Punish Get You Straight Bang To Rights Dress You Down Tell you off Reprimand Beat Get On Top of You Use Force Against Discipline Crack Down On
Mia was coming to sort you out then
by TeeTree July 04, 2016
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