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a phrase that is a common colloquialism in the Philadelphia dialect of the North American English language. It is commonly used as a "final statement" of a Philly native who finds him/herself engaged in an argument or exchange of words which he/she has deemed to be not worthy of further engagement.
Ricky: "Dam that sucks that its already 2am I wanted to hit up another club, but I'm hungry, so lets roll down to Geno's"
Steve: "Asshole, wawa's right down the street, lets just get food there"
Ricky: "Fuck you, lets at least grab a slice at Lorenzo's, I like to eat food that is actually prepared in a tangible place, not some warehouse in Jersey... sorry if you don't"
....brief silence...
Steve: "yo lay off those Oprah self-help books, dick."
by beeeskat November 29, 2010
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