born to sing and born to dance. a unique, life loving female who embraces life and tries to find the meaning of each and every moment. consequently, when brain is overstimulated from so much thought, shuts down and enjoys the comforts of a big comfy couch and a hot Irish tea. known to tell a hell of a story on a ski lift or break the silence (if you catch my drift) on the golf course. Life is too short to be taken too seriously.
Girl #1… Hey, did you see Sorca tear it up in Zumba tonight?
Girl #2…Yeah, she was coming out of her skin. She was fabulous!
Girl #1…I just wish she didn't sing along with the songs..does she even know Spanish?
Girl #2…oh, don't get me started. She knows like FIVE languages.
by schmoooopy August 17, 2011
Top Definition
acutally sorca has two meanings.
First of all, it is not a very polite word to use, so watch out to whom you're talking to.
It is a word for female genitals ( literally means 'mouse'), but can be also used to refer to a very beautiful, "hot" woman.
In some regions of Italy ( for instance Lazio )it can be turned into an expression usable for men : sorco ( a very hot guy).
Sei proprio una sorca!
You are really hot.

Guarda quello, non è un sorco ?!
Hey look at him, isn't he hot ?!
by italian slang teacher April 09, 2007
italian for the word 'cunt'

italian version of a derogitory comment against women,

a reference to a womans vagina
voi sorca stupida (you stupid cunt)

desidero scopare la vostra sorca (i want to fuck your cunt)
by bIg sAAd November 30, 2006
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