A super-hot chic who always gets an A on her paper. Sophies' might first appear to be shy and soft-spoken, but after you get to know them they never shut up. Just make sure to avoid them when they are on sugar rushes. They are also incredibly cool, and always in style.
Person: "Who's that hot new girl? She's such a Sophie."
by Kendall Taylor February 14, 2013
The most amazing person in the world. A unique, one of a kind girl. Often brunette and funny. Sophies are beautiful, very kind, smart, athletic, have a cute personality, and are keepers. She's understanding, an amazing friend to both girls and boys and she'll always have your back. She is one of the most beautiful person you will lay eyes on. If you ever meet a Sophie, don't let her go.
"Is that a goddess?"
"No, thats Sophie."
by your gorgeous :) November 26, 2012
The most perfect girl in the world. Created by God.FUNNIEST person you will ever meet. Always has the best intentions. The most beautiful girl to walk the earth. A person who makes other girls cry into their pillows cause they aren't her. Coolest person you will ever meet. The Most random person in the world. Most beautiful person to roam the planet. Guys are jealous when they know someone who has a girlfriend named Sophie. Everything about Sophie makes a person smile. Normally brunette and always the life of a party. The party doesnt start till sophie arrives.
Boy 1: look at that girl
Boy 2: Wow must be a sophie
Boy 1: I want to marry a sophie when im older
by The lad February 03, 2013
Sophie is beautiful. Blue eyed, caramel haired, all around beautiful. She loves Summer, Fall and Spring, and usually despises the cold. She's selfless and kind and no one could ever match her interrogation skills. She is loving. And she absolutely adores her friends. Music is her religion, and she plays guitar, a bit of piano, and sings like an angel. She's an amazing writer, and adores the beach, the smell of water and sand mixed together. Her favorite perfume is Vampire, and she doesn't feel the need to shop for expensive clothing, when she can just go to Wal-Mart. She will enchant you and lift you up. She'll love you. She'll forgive your stupidity, she'll be the bigger person, she's unique and.... She's everything.

She is absolutely adorable and beautiful. And a fool like a Liam broke her heart. And she is still strong. And Liam still loves her.
Fool: I had to break up with her, I'm being forced to.

Fools Friend: How could you do that!?

Fool: What do you mean??

Fools Friend: You just lost a Sophie! You're an idiot!
by StupidStupidFool April 21, 2013
The most beautiful girl to exist in the world ever. She is skinny but has a fat heart. She is loved and cared for by so many people and no one could ever say a bad thing towards her because there is not one single flaw about that girl. She is utter perfection. She has puns that will make you cry and her laugh could make you forget anything negative in your life. She is utterly wonderful in every way possible and someone should have someone like Sophie in their life.
What is your ideal girl?
A Sophie
by kobra kid October 21, 2013
Sophies are beautiful, inside and out. Only they don't see it. They're extremely insecure and has no idea how to react to complements.

She is usually blond or brown, but dye their hair.

Obsessed with Harry Potter, Oreos and Peanut butter, The Notebook, One Direction and fanfiction.
Always got her nose in a book and has a crazy imagination.
Listens to tons of different music genres and has gotten hate at school about it, but she keeps her head down and carries on.
Very talented in the music department! Can sing VERY well, even though she thinks she sounds like a cat in the washing machine. And she can play various instruments.
Loves Black and orange and hopes to one day to work with sick children.

She loves Ice Cream, Pasta, noodle sandwichs and Toast...
She's also in love with a boy with Brown, chocolate eyes!!
Anyone is a lucky, lucky person to even have this beautiful gem in their life!!

Everyone loves Sophie
by SomeoneYouDontKnow August 11, 2013
the most amazing girl ever, blonde and a good height, confident, loud, sporty, funny, absolutely gorgeous, not afraid to say what she thinks, doesnt care what people think of her....
she cool.....
yea she's a sophie...

ps(ur such a loser girl)haha.
by me the one and only November 02, 2010

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