Sophie, from the greek word meaning Wisdom. live&soul of the partaaaaay! tends to get stressed rather quick. knows how to respect and love close ones. rather strange...random sayings and actions. has a big heart. trys very hard at things but when confronted upon a mammonth task, gets bored and gives up! a sophie can make you laugh whenever..... if you have a sophie in your life, count yourself goddamn lucky ok? :)
Everyone needs a Sophie in their life!....-how much does your sophie mean to you.? text her. inbox her how much you love her!
by NovackD.S July 04, 2011
A Sophie is a beautiful girl, she's funny and totally unique. She's understanding, an amazing friend to both girls and boys and she'll always have your back - which is never a bad thing because she's brilliant at arguing and has a way with words. She has a lovely personality but can be a sarky bitch when she wants to be and won't take any shit. She loves a party but when drunk it doesn't take a lot to get her into bed, despite this (and the regular hangovers) she doesn't do regrets, and lives in the moment.
This girl's jokes will have you crying with laughter, if you find one, never let her go.
She is a total Sophie
by jamiemay1 November 25, 2011
Not to be confused with sofie. sofie is a name for slutty blondes, while sophie is a name for ocean loving brunettes.
Bob- So whats your girlfriends name?
Bill- Sofie
Bill- Oh, I mean Sophie
Bob- Oh, ok. :)
by chickendentures February 27, 2011
A beautiful girl, amazing, pretty, has the best sense of humour and great to be around. She's smart-a brainy babe but always knows how to have fun and easy to share a joke with. She's always there when you need her and has an amazing fashion sense, shes fab at everything she does. i love her sososo much bestfriend. <3
Everyone needs a Sophie in their lives, she is a m a z i n g!
by pretty.ballerina<3 February 12, 2012
A great, loyal friend; someone who gives all of themselves in any relationship, honest, faithful, pure in heart, true to one's self. Brilliant girl who knows what she's talking about and thinks before she speaks. She's gorgeous and usually has brown hair. Many people call her a goddess because of her perfect body. She's her own unique individual, and is supper modest when it comes to pretty much anything. She is also hilarious and has tons of inside jokes. Her favorite animal is a koala, but she also loves giraffes. She's everything any guy could ever dream of, simply one of gods angels.
Girl 1: *Gets strait A's, solves a school problem, and volunteers at homeless shelter.

Girl 2: Wow, being a Sophie I see ;)
by asdfghjkl <3 November 06, 2012
A Sophie is the most beautiful woman you will ever lay eyes on. She is a good friend, and has a subtle essence of mystery about her. If this mystery intreagues you enough to persue romance, you will be swept away by her. She will surprise you often, and once she opens up to you, you will never see a reason to leave her side.

If sexual relations ensue, a Sophie is secretly the freakiest, hottest partner you will ever have. She will pull your hair, moan loudly, and beg you not to stop. They like to take it slow, though, so tread carefully.

A Sophie usually comes from a less than ideal upbringing, but has aspiration to become a successful, independent woman. Most adult Sophie's can be found happily living in a suburban setting, married with children, a college degree, and a good career.

In short, a Sophie is ideal as a friend, lover, partner, student, daughter, and employee.
Guy 1: "Hey Guy 2, who is that cute girl over there with the shiny brown eyes?"

Guy 2: "That, my friend, is a Sophie. She is truly one of a kind."

Guy 1: "I think I'm in love."
by TheManBehindTheCurtain April 07, 2013
a hella cool girl that has the most contagious laugh you'll ever hear in your life. also loves Call of Duty 4. did i mention her laugh is REALLY contagious?
AHAHAHAHA stop laughing! youre such a Sophie!
by (buh-TIS-tuh) September 10, 2008

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