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A 'special' dance in which one male rubs chests with another male.
Hey cutie pie, I could soph hop with you all night long.
by Oh_My_gizzle November 29, 2011
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a homosexual male dance performed in the nude
I think he is gay, he just asked if I wanted to soph hop.
by blowdatwhitsle November 06, 2011
A dance between two or more males that is done by rubbing male chests and boobs together in a crazy fashion. Hands are generally kept to the hips whilst dancing the soph hop. Women will not be apart of soph hops, however they can be in the room whilst the soph hop is being performed.
Drake and Josh went to the soph hop dance to do the soph hop with their friend Steve, naked, while their sister, Megan, watched. They were rambunctiously sliding their stomach skin over each other.
by DirtyDancerSteve March 23, 2014

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