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1. Scared Of Pussy ~ A male who will not have sex with a female due to reasons so trivially inane that the mere mention of said reasons will cause the male in question to be severely teased, roasted, and emotionally lambasted.

If the male in question does not face this fear, he runs the risk of the teasing, roasting, and emotional lambasting in the form of gay jokes.

Once this transformation of teasing is complete, you are no longer scared of pussy; you are craving the cock.
Mel: Ya'll been together forever now. Why ain't y'all fucking, yet!?

Katie: Chris is S.O.P.!

<group laughs>

Chris: FUCK OUTTA HERE! I'M NOT S.O.P.! She's the one who's scared.

Cook: Yeah... right.

Chris: I'm dead-ass! I AM NOT S.O.P!

<Chris gives everybody a blank stare>

See!? That's it...

<turns to Katie, unbuckling his belt>

<Katie starts laughing>

Katie: What're you doing?!

Chris: I will fuck you right here!

<more laughter>

Chris: I'll show you who's really S.O. whatever!

<more laughter>

Cook: Dude... it's OK. A lot of people are S.O.P., not just you!

<more laughter>

<cook starts singing and the rest join in>

by bigDee48 November 26, 2006
24 23
Actually it means, Standard Operating Procedure
Pee in the cup soldier! It's SOP!
by anotherguy October 22, 2003
302 108
Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) - Commonly and erroneously referred to as Standard Operating Procedure. Written military directives defining the actions to be taken upon the occurance of specific events.
In the event this unit receives female soldiers, SOP requires that the showers be monitored by the senior NCO. If the senior NCO is male, sunglasses will be issued to him by the Charge of Quarters.
by Rick Q November 11, 2005
133 59
Someone who is soppy: overly emotional, overly romantic, and generally being a wuss. You wouldn't call yourself a sop, you'd call someone who wasn't being hard enough one. Commonly used in the UK.
This song makes you cry? God, you're such a sop!
by Ben XO January 19, 2006
128 62
Standard Operating Procedure. Things that are routine and come naturally to a person. Commonly pronounced as "soppy"
"Ain't no big deal ... Shit is soppy"
34 13
to soak up gravy or other liquid like foods with bread or other material
I sopped the molasses with the biscuit.
by rbwjazzflavor June 07, 2003
57 37
Homer Simpson's misspelling of the word 'stop'.

In the Simpsons Movie, when Homer located the truck in which his family was being held, he made an attempt to hold the truck off for a moment, using a red hexagon (as opposed to an octagon) with the word 'SOP' sloppily painted on it. But as with almost anything that Homer does, it actually worked.
"Come on, we can't pause at every 'sop', 'yeld', or 'one vay' sign we see!!"
by Tengu May 22, 2008
46 33
Abbreviation for the TV show The Sopranos, the greatest programme in TV history. Ever.
John: I don't fancy going out tonight, what shall we do?
David: Let's just chill with a few beers and put Sops on.
by George Payne April 12, 2008
34 22