Its like soon and i wont/cant put together. It is used like the word shouldn't and wouldn't. it also sounds really cool.
soont deal with that dumb girl anymore.
ill cap that hoe and soont have anymore trouble.
#soon #ky #shouldnt #wont #i cant #zoot
by myfakename August 12, 2009
Top Definition
An alternate way of calling someone a cunt. Used when talking about people in third person and is also used as a friendly insult to use with mates. The word is based off the word cunt having a soft c. Say it like it's accented, not like "soon"t.
Give me back my polar bear ya soont
Oi soonts, lets go to the pub
That guys a fucking soont
#cunt #fuckhead #fuckwit #dickhead #pussy
by Jonoc33 August 03, 2011
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