A stupid noob. The term "soob" is mostly used in online gaming.
You're a soob cause you're a stupid noob.
by jskrdude May 13, 2006
Top Definition
Side of boob aka outside clevage
View of boob as viewed from side.
The best soob can be acheived when a girl wears no bra under a halterneck top or overalls
That girl is showing some serious soob!
by dan bourbon November 06, 2007
The condition where the breasts of a fat person is smaller than the stomach and the breasts rest on top of the stomach. This gives the illusion that the breasts and stomach are combined together into one big stomach or a stomach boob (soob).
That fat chick has a soob and it was gross.
by Tommy Cheng July 28, 2008
Side boob.
A sexy new form of cleavage that Rachel McAdams sported.
Flashing the side of your boob out of a dress/top instead of the front!
I loved seeing a bit of soob it's so sexy
by amj8 January 15, 2011
When a thought is 'stolen' from your head and said out loud just before you were about to say it. (Stands for 'Sucked Out Of Brain').

Usually occurs between people who know each other very well and have begun to be able to read each others' thoughts.

Common in twins.
ie: "you soobed that!"soob
person a is thinking: "I feel like icecream"
person b says: "I feel like icecream"
Person a says: "soob!"

example moment of when it could be used- "you took the words right out of my mouth"
by lollieloo April 05, 2011
Short for Subaru. Used by owners, mainly owners of older models (1996 or older).
Dude, your soob is looking hot... did you just put that snorkel on it?
by scottimus maximus March 16, 2006
really soon

sooner than normal soon
>hey ive got to go soob

<ok bye
by Chelsea -n- Jimmy June 20, 2008
like really soon

sooner than normal soon.
>hey ive got to go soob.

by Chelsea -n- Jimmy June 19, 2008
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