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kinda like how military uses urrahh, bloodz use soo woo, used to get anotha bloodz attention
hey damu, soo woo! soo woo!
by damu_n1ck May 28, 2007
calling another blood member to get their attention
A. we gotta get in touch wit capo but i dont want to draw attention
B. okay i got chu young blood
B. SooWoo
by PHOGG October 30, 2007
a gang word used by bloods to get other bloodz attention!
"hey yo"
by Denniel Bay November 08, 2007
a Blood call also spelled Soo Woop
used by gangs in the south and on the west coast...
east coast Bloods use "brrraaaatttt"
like the sound of an automatic weapon.
one Blood sees another down the street and shouts :"SOO-WOO"
the one down the street notices the first and 'thows-up" his hood sign...
by skyscraper May 15, 2008
It's like war cry for bloods. Used to get other Bloods rowdy and hyped. Also said when one blood sees another (That they don't particularly know).
Blood 1 sees Blood 2 walking down the street.
Blood 1: Soo Woo
Blood 2 throws up his hood
by Raw Doggy May 17, 2010
Soo Woo is a term for the Bloods... Its to get a gang member or members attention... Its to recognize the color and the set they from... Its mostly used when its time to gather together for a fight or just a meeting for the Bloods...
Im n jail wit a few of my blood niggas... If any one of us yell "Soo Woo" dat means its tyme 2 lace up my boots n b ready 4 wateva... Any otha tyme its wat it do Blood? Just bickin back bein bool!!!
by Sin Blood August 09, 2010
Literally means "Blood" in Swahili but is commonly used by Blood gangmembers to alert one another.
A: Hey blood..Soowoo!
B: What's good Blood?
A: Chillin' bout to go get a 40 oz.
B: My nigga that's what I'm talkin' bout.
by xXExVXx September 27, 2009
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