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go to a sonic fast food shit-hole and order something ridiculous (sorry for my spelling) for instance a double dsonic buger with no bottom patty, 4 oinons, 3 oz of ketchup, and a lot of fuckin mayo, now you gotta say this into the little things were u park the car and not the drive through then when the foodfuck (sonic slave) come with your food u and your friends take off just run as fuckin fast as far as u can as soon as the sevrer approaches you and dont even say a word just run.
dude you shoulda been there me and my bro did the sonic dash and the dude got so pissed he broke a windo with my shake
by rilkens December 08, 2007
Coolest. Guy. Evar.
Cool Guy
by Gabe n' Tycho December 02, 2003