1. (n.) A music artist/group that releases a song so catchy, it remains in your cerebellum as if a ninja is kicking your concentration's ass. 2. (n.) A person who sings, writes, speaks or texts you lyrics to an annoyingly catchy song or plays said song loud enough to hear, that gets stuck in your head. 3. (v.) {-ed} Hearing/ reading lyrics to only part of a catchy song, causing you to have it rattle around in your brain until you hear the entire song from beginning to end.
1) ::humming "Tik-Tok" by Ke$ha:: *ARGH!* Damn you Ke$ha! F*cking song ninja!
2) Guy: "You're a song ninja, you know that?"
Girl: "What do you mean?"
Guy: "I've had 'Blame it on the Alcohol' stuck in my head ever since you ordered your drink. Where's your iPod, I need to hear it now."
3. ::text message:: "SHOT TO THE HEART! AND YOU'RE TO BLAME..."
Damn, I've just been song ninjaed.
by MaverickAg April 27, 2010
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