1. A word phrase used to describe a male humaniod whom is a product of an act of beastification, the father being a sick-minded human being and the mother is a female dog who is a victim of rape.
Jay: What kind of Son of a Bitch sits down on the shitter and pisses out his own ass?
Gordy Pig-Fucker: Hey that sounds a lot like George W.B.
by Tradesman88 October 09, 2007
George W Bush, President of the USA.
There is only one original sonofabitch -- George W. Bush.
by The Puritan April 24, 2005
a phrase you call someone when you want to insult them, which basically means that you are calling their mother a bitch
yo momma's so stupid, that when she was mad at you, she called you a son of a bitch
by lunar shadows September 30, 2004
a phrase most commonly used to insult someone else; however it more specifically insults the person's parents, mainly their mother (in calling them a bitch)
person 1: "You son of a bitch!"
person 2: "I know... my mom IS a bitch."
by Bob Surely October 10, 2007
1) Worst thing to call your father and 2) a curse used by Dean Winchester to express his great disbelief or anger at a situation.
1) Son: "Dad, how could you?! You son of a bitch!"
Dad: "Don't talk about your grandmother that way!"

2)*watches blonde cheerleader walk into house of murder vic*
Dean: "Son of a bitch."
Sam: "What?"
Dean: "Nothing, call you right back."
by BNILTIAC June 16, 2011
1. excessively rude male
2. a male who receives something he doesn't deserve
1. That sonofabitch just cut me off.
2. He won the lotto, that lucky sonofabitch
by seneca1854 June 21, 2013
Frase used by a wannabe danish celebrity, Sidney Lee, to describe the MANLY and somewhat godlike beverage called, "The Cult-Shaker". The "Son of a bitch" is best enjoyed between the legs of an adolescent, borderline horney red-headed Female.
Hey horney red-headed girl, whom I do not know. Would you like this "Son of a bitch" right here ?
by Jalleminator October 02, 2009

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