to the person below me, there is no such thing as somalian, the correct term would be Somali. Britain attempted to colonize Somalia, now Somalis are colonizing Britain. payback is a bitch huh.....
did u see that somalian- ignorant white guy
there's no such thing as a somalian, its somali- smart white guy
by Somali Dude January 20, 2008
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People from Somalia.
My friend Musa (Moses) is a Somalian. But he was deported cause he kept gettin into trouble with the police. But now he's back
by ;-> August 08, 2003
the skinniest of people riding in a car, who is forced to sit in the middle back seat crammed between his or her mates
"I'm the somalian again?? I need to get me some smaller friends"
by Pixicle May 06, 2005
A person/thing that came from the country, Somalia.
"Somalian food is B-B-BANGIN!"
by #1 Stunna August 17, 2005
people from the area known as somalia
walahi no akla, mohammed was somalian
by Pubert Qubert Quakenbush April 03, 2003
Somalian (UK) - A word given to the people who come from Somalia! Here in the U.K. all they do is claim benefits of all sorts, multiply like rabbits, promote racism, commit crime, socially seperate themselves and bring disease everywhere they go!
Abdullahi - "hey its thursday, lets get benefits!"
Me - "This country lets these Somalians in and all they do is claim benefits and laugh at us"
by Dude666 November 08, 2006
A somalian is a dirty, stinking, sweaty, immigrant, robbing, cricket playing, stone throwing, bacon butty dodging, pyjama wearing, bomb making, jihadi, ak-47 wielding, terrorist, murdering, democracy hating, benefit cheating, lazy, horrible, good for nothing CUNT.
Cat: Oh look, a coloured gentleman.
Dave: No, that, is a dirty fucking somalian who wants to steal your handbag.
Cat: Oh, I see, what a cunt.
by Poisonblade May 11, 2009

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