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the most sick-tit grass type move in the Pokemon world, as well as the real world, even though it has to gather sunlight on the first turn. It is the master maneuver of the grass Pokemon Venusaur, though other n_gg_rf_gg_t Pokemon also learn it. Many weaksauce trainers use TM22 to teach venusaur solarbeam, because they lack the necessary genitalia to raise it to level 65. A solarbeam is comparable to the sun's orgasm, with the turn to take in sunlight representing the stimulation leading up to the climax. However. if Groudon's effect or sunny day has been used, solarbeam can be used without having to absorb sunlight.
Venusaur, solarbeam the dick off of that dickmuncher!

Look at that doesn't even know solarbeam. I'll bet you $10 that his trainer doesn't have any balls.

Was that a solarbeam attack, or did the sun just have an orgasm?

OMG sunny day is in effect! I can use solarbeam every turn now. That's the tits!
by gdogmanatee October 21, 2009
When a man deprives himself from any sexual action so when he next bangs a girl he has an extra powerful finish. Derives from the pokemon move solarbeam which needs one turn to charge before hand.
Guy1: Man, I really need a wank. I haven't had one in ages.

Guy2: Then just do it.

Guy1: I can't I want to solarbeam Mary tonight.
by dacfvgrfbrtgfdvbgb October 18, 2011
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