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thats all i can say about him
by rodney rude December 24, 2004
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a nerd or if u really hate that cunt call him a poof who thinks that he is sickest cunt ever because hes got a load of money, claims that he goes to the gym
NO ONE CARES NOT EVEN YA FRIENDS i mean you have no genuine or legitimate mates on ya side
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1. gay poof
2. the les-be-friend (i think not) of fshs ("eee... eee... look at me i am such a sick cunt" quotes him - SHUT THE FUCK UP YA COKSUCKA no one cares)
3. fancypants
4. pansy
5. the bandit of the back entrance of fshs
6. tan-track specialist
i m tryin to say that this cunt's a homo poofta everyone should know about this
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