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Placing one's name in the caption of a photo posted on Facebook instead of tagging him/her because he/she wishes not to be tagged for a variety of reasons.
Mike didn't want to be tagged in that picture of him in drag in fear of potential employers seeing it. So I soft tagged him in the caption instead.
by Gemini1 December 13, 2008
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A "soft-tag" is when, on Facebook, you tag someone from a comment string rather than sharing (or "bouncing") the item to which you're calling their attention to their timeline. This is a way to tag someone with discretion, because a tag from the comment thread only shows up in the tagged person's notifications, not on their timeline. It's a great way to call attention to something you know is too rude to post directly to their wall.
I soft-tagged you because I knew this would gross out your family if it showed on your timeline.

Soft-tag me from the post so I can check it out after the kids are in bed.
by Plasmo October 21, 2014
A softtag is a tag or a piece written on a wall with chalk. The first well known softtags were made by artists as Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring in New York. The term softtag came in use in Oslo Norway in 2000, after an artist that did tags and pieces(grafitti)with chalk on walls around the city and signed them Softtag.
Keith Harings pieces on subway stations in New York. (Not all of them were made with chalk, but a few were).
by Sg April 11, 2005

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