obtain a copy of a document in electronic (not printed) form.
Hey man can I get a soft copy of that 600K PDF file ??
by gavsdavs October 26, 2003
Top Definition
A computer based file version of a document that can either be viewed or emailed. The computer copy of printed document.
Bill forwarded me an email containing a soft copy of the report.
by Andrew H. October 24, 2003
an electronic document
Bob Cc'ed me a soft copy of the documents.
by Tom Pitre October 24, 2003
a soft copy of an album is a downloaded one, as opposed to a bought, physical copy.
andy: hey, have you checked out radioheads new album?

rod: yeah i got myself a soft copy of it the other day, it's sick

andy: rad.
by elleckz January 02, 2011
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