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Sofa Gobs are those who comment on and/or criticise reality tv participants - (xfactor, britains got talent, im a celeb) and think they can do better themselves. Sofa gobs are closely related to back seat drivers and couch potatoes.
"Sofa gobs" can be found the length and breadth of the UK on Saturday and Sunday evenings commenting on popular television programmes.

"I could do better meself sat on this bloody sofa than that crock of shite and i`ve got a bloody sore throat!"

"Look at the state of her - Kitty needs to go"
"Listen to that Devlin - sounds like a cat on heat"
"Omg - shes an ugly cow"
"Is that Fatima a bloke?"
"I could have got all them stars!"
by Sara Rabbit November 27, 2011
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