one who thinks the end justifies the mean, the end being lazy welfare cases taking all the money from hardworking people, the mean being electing obama as president
that obama is a fucking socialist!!!
by shreddar November 02, 2009
someone who believes the rich should have to pay for the poor, the government should own all businessess, any given company should have to kiss the ass of all its customers. They also tend to forget that every socialist nation has failed in every imaginable way, and the people live in misery all the time.
We aren't socialist, we just think that noone deserves to be rich, no matter how hard they work at it, and lazy people should have the same amount of money as everyone else.
by kakow October 09, 2010
Barack Obama
Barack Obama is a friggin' socialist. How could all you people vote for him? You people are so dumb that you don't even know what socialism is. This country is going to Hell--er, rather--more Hell... Hell level 2.
by Sloppy Genius November 10, 2008
Dumbass who believes that poor people need the government to help them by taxing the hell out of the population, making everyone poor in the process.
Socialists shorten the gap between rich and poor- by making everyone poor.
by Mman2000 December 15, 2003
Any group of lazy people who don't want to get off welfare or entitlement programs and get a job and work for a living, who feel that what other people, who have gone to school, received an education and worked hard to make their money from, should be simply given to them, for free. That is a socialist.
Shanrikka said she's just gonna keep on having babies cauze she wants to get that check from the man every month and she shouldn't have to work cauze it's her money and it's owed to her, cauze she be all about bein a Socialist.
by BigBoyeeBoulerOver1 March 23, 2011
people who pass unconstitutional laws that rape my rights like the assholes who invented property tax. No one has actually owned property in 100 years! If you don't pay your property tax (rent to assholes in washington) the government assholes take your property away, sell it to other assholes, and do something gay with the money. traitors and assholes alike!
the assholes who invented property tax are those fucking socialists the same assholes who gave us "temporary" income tax, fucking welfare, and allowed assholes in banks to invent money to lend but keep the real money profits. bank assholes who mismanage the imaginary money spread the loss around to people with jobs or assets and pocket the real money again. treasonous assholes.
by Execute Treasonous Assholes June 27, 2011
A selfish, lazy and uneducated individual who believes the governmemt should help them at the expense of ambitious and sucessful people. Usually will claim to want to help all the poor, downtrodden people, but is in reality only interested in his/her self-interest, just like absolutely all people.
If someone you know claims to be a socialist, then do the right thing and help them enroll in a basic macro-economics course.
by Dassh August 02, 2004
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