A word Republicans often use as a scare tactic against their rivals, the Democrats. The Democrats ignore the term and don't defend themselves. They afraid to explain that Socialism is OK in small amounts, because then they will be called communist.

Republican : Reform! That sounds like Socialism. You are a Socialist. If your in office, America will become a communist country.

Democrat: * looks around uncomfortably*
by Cha Cha La La September 08, 2009
A socialist is someone who stands for free health care, education and overall better social health and quality of life. This does not involve an unrealistic 'take from the rich, give to the poor' notion, but alternative fiscal and monetary policies to ensure a healthy nation, not just a healthy economy.

Not to be confused with communism, which offers little incentives for people to work.
Julia: Our public hospitals are over crowded, under funded and under staffed.
Bob: If poor people get sick it's their own damned fault. Gimme more high end tax cuts!

Ben: Socialists are just hippie communists!
Bill: *smack*
by Dani3lla May 09, 2006
A person believing in basic amounts of equality for all individuals. Different variations hold different extremes, ranging from free government-provided basic medical, financial and educational services to complete redistribution of wealth.

Does not hate America, in fact, most see it as the greatest country on Earth. But rather than sit back, ignore the problems it still has and be happy the way it is, they look for ways to further improve life for all its people.

A common feature of socialists is the desire to focus on human issues (poverty, illness and education) rather than social issues (abortion, gay marriage, religion). This causes most neoconservatives to hate them with every beat of their cold, black hearts.
Socialist: So, you don't want to pay more taxes to fund care for everyone? Fine. Let's legalize marijuana, something we spend billions of dollars a year trying to get rid of while fighting a losing battle. We'll apply heavy taxes to its sale, similar to alcohol or cigarettes, with appropriate age restrictions for purchase and use. Nonviolent offenders will be freed, and most drug dealers will forced out of business. We'll take the tax money created there -- along with the billions spent quarterly on police and federal prisons -- to actually pump Social Security back to life and establish free clinics, and expand tuition assistance. The boost to the economy from an entirely new multi-billion dollar industry will allow job growth and provide millions of people to get new or better jobs.
Neoconservative: Why do you hate America?
by Penis Christ June 05, 2007
A man with a very small penis. In order to endow himself with more, he will attempt to lop off portions of other mens penises for his own use, and failing that he will just kill the bearer of said larger penis.
The size of your penis is much larger than mine, therefore to ensure equality you must give me an inch of yours that I will use as my own.
by crtree April 21, 2005
In present-day US conservative media circles, a code word to skirt Federal Communications Commission restrictions on the use of the word 'nigger.' Often used pertaining to the person and/or policies of President Barack Obama.
Inbred Zeke: "Looky there on the FOX News....any doubt that boy's a socialist? What's that boy doing in the WHITE House, anyhow?"

Zeke's BrUncle: "Socialist, Hell! That there's a nigger!! "

Inbred Zeke: "Sociaist, nigger...same difference. They just have to be nice about it on the TV."
by hack daddy April 07, 2010
A euphemism for the word "nigger". Typically used by uneducated, toothless, in-bred morons from the south who don't even understand what real socialism is.
"That Barack Obama is suchhhhhhhh a socialist!!!"
by MetalMan1123 November 10, 2012
Anyone who disagrees with a Republican.
Are you a conservative?
*gasp* Go back to France, you anti-American commie socialist traitor!!!
by rtv0587 April 12, 2011

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