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one who is acquainted with approximately 95% of a given social strata.
Jermyn knows everybody in the pit, he's a social juggernaut.
by jacklinks0982 September 13, 2009
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An attractive woman who causes uncomfortable spaces in conversation and awkward atmosphere because the men of the room are thinking about how their girlfriends don't measure up and the girls are full of jealousy.
Dude1: That woman is such a Social Juggernaut! when she comes in everybody just becomes less comfortable and all the men try telling lame jokes. The other girls in the room remain silent or falsely polite.

Chick: That Bitchy Social Juggernaut keeps wanting to hang out with my boyfriend! I know she just wants to be friends but I know he's not thinking that!

Dude2: I had to reassure my Girlfriend that Jane was just a Social Juggernaut and bolster her self esteem.
by Plessy November 14, 2011
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