fagot sport for pussy's who are to scared to play a real sport like American football. if anyone would dive or fake an injury in football, you would be killed by your teammates. soccer is for little crybaby girls. don't u ever say that it is a tough sport.
soccer player: lets fake that were hurt and do our hair nice for the pussy European fans

football player: fuck you! "beats the crap out of him"
by Football4life May 16, 2008
A sport, which, unlike american football or baseball, cannot be interrupted for commercials every 10 minutes and because of that is not seen much (if at all) on American television.
American Football guy: man I can't wait for the superbowl commericals!
Me: sports are not about commercials dumbass, go watch soccer
by tachobg October 26, 2006
A great kickass sport that requires skill, speed, agility, and determination. All the Americans who say soccer is a pussy sport havent tried it they are just cunt faced assholes bitches that say it is low scoring and boring, but scoring a goal is much harder than getting a touchdown. Soccer players are usually natrual athletes and they are hella awesome.
American football fan: Soccer is a pussy sport
Me: *Kicks him in his tiny balls*
American football fan: OW
Me: Thats how a soccer player kicks bitch*spits on face*
by Eric! September 19, 2006
An extremely hard sport, if u can run for miles you can play it though.
I can run 8 miles straight, I CAN PLAY SOCCER!
by CPAINE January 04, 2006
The American word for football because they have to have different words for everything.
Of course, this may confuse some Americans because they also have a sport called football, but their football different.
American football=I have no idea but I think it is some form of rugby.
Rugby=a vile sport.

Of course this is written by a girl and girls don't know anything, obviously. I'm just a mere female creature of this Earth. My opinion doesn't count. Don't listen to me. Listen to some smelly, sweaty guy with a six pack.
He'll know.
Of course he will.

Why wouldn't he? He is a boy after all. Far superior. Girls are good for nothing.

Bob: He, douchebag! Check out my new pants!
Person: Uh, hi. No thank you.
Bob: AW don't be a douchebag! Hey, wanna play some football?
Person: (Takes out a football) Yeah, sure.
Bob: NOT SOCCER, YOU DOUCHEBAG! FOOTBALL! Now get me some peanut butter and jelly.
by cjsparrow August 05, 2012
An excellent way to stay in shape and improve, endurance, speed and agility. Many people do not appreciate the physical and metal toughness to play this game, and call it a "Pussy Sport" because there is no tackling. Just because 300 pound whales don't come charging at you doesn't mean that it is not a contact sport. You just have to be a lot more sneaky at taking your appointent. Another useful skill.
Girl #1: Dude... that guy over there is fiiiine!
Girl #2: He's a soccer player...
Girl #1: Oh mannn.
Girl #2: I know right? But he's not like... weight lifter/ steroids in shape...
Girld #1: Yeah he's 'get in my pants' in shape.
by sports girl 410 January 05, 2010
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