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a player or supporter for the Trinidad and Tobago football (soccer) team.
I am so excited that the Trinidad and Tobago soca warriors made it to the World Cup for the first time.
by cbraithwaite January 15, 2006
70 5
Unofficial name of the 2006 Trinidad and Tobago World Cup team and their supporters.
We are soca warriors. Go T &T!
by Kristin June 15, 2006
11 2
Nickname given to the Trinidad and Tobago National football team.
pronounced "So-kah"
Go Soca Warriors!!
by JordanFall January 11, 2009
6 0
the trinidad and tobago football squad. supporters also refer to themselves as soca warriors. trinidad and tobago, the warrior nation and also the smallest nation in the world cup 2006...impossible is nothing
i am ah soca warrior! i say win or lose i am ah fighter! we wining d world cup in germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by k.lee June 12, 2006
6 3