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when you are above all; bigger than your suroundings
i am so sobolious; soboliously speaking
by don screech June 04, 2010
Jamaican word that was made up that has no real meaning.
"Dwayne thinks he's Sobolious."

"Dwayne...? That skinny kid that runs around with the Jamaican flag as a cape, and holding his chin with glasses?"
"Yea that's the one."
by Fidel Castro "Great Dictator" September 15, 2009

Word allegedly originated by L.A. Lewis Jamaican personality. Regardless of his prescribed definition it sounds more appropriate when used as an exclamation synonymous with the word awesome.
Wow! That is so sobolious!

That artist is sobolious!

You have to taste this it's sobolious!

awesome, wow
by Jabee May 09, 2013
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