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When an overly heterosexual male receives a minor injury on a manly job, then reports the incident to his supervisor or co-worker he jokingly says he must go home and soak it inside her, as in have sex with the wife to alleviate the minor and trivial pain.
Crab Fisherman 1 : Shit i cut my hand on all these crabs out here in the dangerous Bering Sea.
Crab Fisherman 2: Don't be a pussy i have a bunch of those cuts all over my hands from 12 hours ago

on my 18 hour shift
Crab Fisherman 1: I dunno man , I think i need to go home and soak it in cider
Crab Fisherman 2: Yeah me too
by BreakfastSausage December 16, 2015
a funny retort when someone gets slightly injured
Bob darn ive hit my thumb
Tom go soak it incider.
by j r lang January 06, 2008
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