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Super tight pants that serve that sole purpose of showing off a girl's ass, possibly legs or thong that is sometimes visible. Mostly worn by girls that are 12-14 maybe older.
Look at Mary's ass in those so lows.
by Heartbreak 1 January 21, 2007
54 9
just about the coolest guy ever
Man I wish I was as cool as Solow.
by J April 13, 2005
49 30
a clothes company that makes its pants so you can make them super low. They're worn by the japs in the rich part of hewlett and many other places. Some of the less rich also wear them though. They're mainly pants that a made to let your thong stick out in the back. Or atleast that's how everyone wears them in hewlett.
I hate how she always wears so low pants with her thong sticking out!
by your iguana October 02, 2006
11 23