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1. Term used to describe something or someone really cool or amusing.
2. Something that looks very professional is "so pro".
Nessa: Wow, that picture was so pro!

Tom: I know, I've never seen anything like it!

by Nessa<3 January 07, 2009
A term often used to sarcastically describe one's own skill at a game. Also used to make fun of someone else if they are poorly performing in a round.
EX. 1
*Poddo suicides*
Matty: "HAHA, wtf?"
Poddo: "Ha. I'm so pro."

EX. 2
*Poddo takes a shot and misses*
Matty: "OMG, that shot was pro. So pro."
Poddo: "shut up"
by DarkJedi375 February 10, 2007

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