A common form of STD contracted by frequenting gentlemans clubs and letting the skank ass ho's rub up on yo' ass.
i went to the slippery n*pple the other day. all of the girls dancing there had red pimples around their mouth. now i have them all over my p*n*s. my doctor says i need to start thinking with my other head if i want to survive for a few more years....damn tequila.
by Trick Daddy December 01, 2003
Top Definition
An extremely congestive upper respiratory malady contracted from a filthy fake mamaried foreign female at the local inner city gentleman's club. Can sometimes lead to a more serious condition and this is how it got the nickname of being a gateway disease. WebMD suggests contacting your physician immediately. Beware of warts.
I payed $20 bucks for Ivanka to sit on my lap in a thong and I woke up the next day with a runny nose and an oozing inflamed blister on my upper lip.
Damn, I need to stop going to those gentleman's bars.
by Dr. Drip November 26, 2003
Contracting V.D. from snorting drugs from a dirty dollar bill..
My friend contracted snyphilis from a stripper's dirty twat dollar.
by Clutchvolta February 06, 2013
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