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a cross between a snort a chuckle and a giggle. usually heard in pubs after a good joke or shocking comment resulting in the messy spraying of beer from ones nose.
everyone snurkled when they heard what had really gone on behind the bikeshed last night .
by heffalump May 05, 2005
The Snurkle is the lesser known, though equally pleasurable, sexual little brother of the Blumpkin. The Snurkle allows a man to perform oral sex on his partner while taking a dump. Only a select few generous, loving, and weirdly horny relationships ever reach this height of intimacy.
"If you think pussy smells bad in the bedroom, you should try the Snurkle"

"Well, that sounds fucking terrible, why would I want to smell anything worse than regular pussy"
by PrincessStefanopolous December 05, 2011
- A laugh sound made to mock or laugh at another's misfortune.
Don't snurkle and giggle at me, just because I'm stuck in little rock.
by Mozenwrarh January 19, 2012
When saliva automatically squirts outwards from an open mouth, usually when hungry, discussing food or about to eat.
.."She snurkled in my face just as she was about to eat her burger....'
by Keysey February 01, 2014
A action usually defined as fucking..but sometimes could be called rape.
I just "Snurkled" that ass.
That was some good "Snurkleing".
by Miranda Jay June 15, 2009
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