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A guy, usually a boyfriend, who has a tough exterior and big manly muscles, but is a total snuggler, and adorably cute.
Oh Craig! You're such a Snugglebear!

Mmmm I love my Snugglebear!
by Snugglebunny27 March 24, 2010
1. A good friend or lover who is very snuggable; usually used to address that person.

2. An actual teddy bear designed for snuggling, as opposed to displaying in a collection.
1. Come here, snuggle bear, and give me a big hug!

2. Beanie Babies make terrible snuggle bears; I need something I can hold in my arms without dropping.
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 03, 2006
When a naked fat ass black man attacks you and then starts to hump you while you scream.
B.E. came up to me chanting snuggle bear, so I ran like hell.
by shawn May 27, 2004