the skin the connects your thumb and pointer finger forming the weird web looking thing between the thumb and pointer finger origin of the word comes from the fact that if you put your nose in this skin area you will make a strange snufflike noise.
One time a dog bit my snuff box.
by Al Jabraa March 26, 2007
Top Definition
Snuffbox is one of the most famous pirate corporations in EVE Online and they're usually winning the game. The name is a mixture from snuffing and 'boxing', which means all of the members play in multiple clients at the same time so they're able to fight even when massively outnumbered by over 9000.
Hey, did you hear of Gallente Fed last night? They got snuffboxed again.
"Caps out quick as fuck!"
by Tyranero September 15, 2011
1. A box, usually of small size, which is used as a container for snuff.
2. A nose.
I looked right at Amy's snuffbox
by Armwoir Hotdogs January 09, 2010
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