A person who believes they are "pure as the driven snow".
Someone who thinks they can do no wrong and never have.
Someone who is very self-important.
Someone who feigns innocence, even in the face of facts and evidence against them.
Someone who plays dumb on purpose.
Usually female, but not always.
"What do you mean you know I stole your boyfriend? I assure I did no such thing!"
"But I saw you kissing him last night."
"How dare you accuse me of something so horrible! I would NEVER do that. You clearly saw someone else and thought it was me."
"You were wearing the same shirt you are wearing today. GOD, you're such a Snow White."
by youaresucharetard September 08, 2011
The act of making out with someone's neck while having an ice cube in your mouth.
Woah dude, this Snow White feels like the North Pole on my neck!
by Quinn008 December 06, 2010
1) When you try to produce a show and it is rescheduled for a year later due to scheduling conflicts. In the process of trying to get the show rescheduled, many problems occur.

2) A curse that you say when you want a show to fail miserably.
"Ugh, our show was canceled! I bet we're gonna have a Snow White trying to reschedule!"

"I hate this show! I hope it fails! Snow White!!"
by Jared Assumer March 01, 2010
See: roofie. Date-rape is so crude. Remember, she doesn't wake up until I get my last kiss (:
Hey brah I snow whited that hot girl last night. Shit was so cash. She didn't wake up until I got my last kiss :)
by Your Best and Only Friend September 17, 2010
Snow White, is when you pull out of a blow job and shoot Cum up a girls nose, so she'll taste it for a week.
Dennis gave Ashley the snow white a week ago and she can still taste it everytime she swallows.
by Gazer_123 August 10, 2010
A white girl who is dating a brother
Who is that Snow White think she is hanging with our man
by purtypynus July 11, 2008
A girl who likes to powder her nose...
That Snow White is at it again lol....
by Pickwick the Rabbit June 22, 2006

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