When a white female trys to act and dress like black females. She uses there slang and even dates black males.
Girl 1: girl tanisha be all up on my website
Girl 2: whitney stop being a snowho, and my name is tina jeez!
by golden delicious May 09, 2008
Top Definition
A ho that has sex for cocaine
Man this bitch is such a snow ho
by jamaicanmecrazy April 23, 2009
n: Any person who loves the snow. Typically either a snow skier or snow boarder, but really any type of snow-rider can apply to the term. This noun originates from the late 1990’s from Killington, VT, USA where the original “SnowHo” house is rumored to have begun.
I am a SnowHo.

That dude skis so rad he must be a SnowHo!

Look how he chugs beer from a ski boot like it’s a pint glass, he must be a SnowHo!
by ShadyShitShow April 28, 2010
A ho who willingly exchanges sexual services for cocaine.
Man, she's a snow ho. I'm pretty sure she'ld blow me, if I gave her blow.
by S.J. Christianson September 16, 2009
A girl that is really pretty,and loves the snow. She is called a ho by people that are jelous, mainly by people whom like to fuck her. Hence the term, snowho.
I hate that girl!
OMG me too! She makes us look ugly!
Let's spread rumors about her.
I totally agree. What a snowho.
by sallygirl1019 September 29, 2009
A Skier or Snowboarder who will do anything for Snow, Pow, Powder, Fluffy Goodness, Flakes.
Eric is always Smashing the Pow at Grand Targhee. He is such a Snow Ho!
by BoinBoise May 14, 2011
A girl who is so caught up in trying to stay high on any powdered drug that she will ho around for it
Shut your mouth snow ho or you won't get anymore D's nuts!
by 1/2 man 1/2 amazing 100% reaso September 29, 2012
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