A temporary pseudo-anarchical state in which most official rules and regulations (i.e. laws) can be disregarded/ignored completely, without fear of capture and prosecution. Originated during heavy snowfall in small southern townships that contained an abundance of drunken, overgrown and overzealous youth.
Chip had just smashed a random car with snowballs, and then assaulted the driver immediately afterward. However, he wasn't worried; after all, it was snow rules.
by Mart Pax February 01, 2010
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When snow conditions cause driving to become difficult. Conditions inhibit the ability to stop, go, see lane markings, etc

Note: only applies while snowing, before being plowed, with limited other traffic on the road
I was waiting too long at the traffic light, so I just went. Snow Rules!
I don't know if this road is one lane or two, oh well. Snow Rules!
by kalif_90 February 23, 2015

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