When "astronauts" blow their nose.
He took a deep breath, closed his right nostril, and blew a snot rocket across the room.
by green poo June 25, 2009
a projectile booger blown out at a fast speed.
a spitwad but as a booger there so being called a snot rocket.
by chuckalicious May 24, 2006
A thing to avoid doing on a date
Everything was going good, till he blew a snot rocket
by mislo February 10, 2004
a booger thats stuck in one nostrel and you pout your finger on the other nostrel and blow as hard as you can until the booger flies out.
"Jeez your nose is a never-ending snot hole!"
"Shit son did you see that booger fly?"
"Yeah that was definately a snot rocket!
by Billy Squire November 12, 2005
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