the rag you use when wiping your semen
"Why don't you ever wear those socks?"
"It's my snot-rag"
by YoSoyPerezoso February 16, 2015
The currency used in the Russian Federation. It replaced the Russian Ruble in late 2003.
Drops have been reported in all the major currencies; the American dollar, the British Pound, the Japanese Yen, and the Russian... snotrag.
by mattthemutt April 12, 2008
When a male/female sneezes thier mucus into a womans vagina and uses the substance as lubricant.
Woah Rob! that snot rag technique lastnite toally worked!!
I saved money on lube!!
by Supersouthby September 21, 2008
a rag or towel used to wipe the cum off your partner or youself after sex,
Don't touch that tara! That's daddy's snot rag.
by familyguy April 26, 2005
when you blow your nose on someone pussy?
Mr web did a snot rag on a little girl
by Mack'ssss dog August 12, 2004
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