the act of pulling up your shirt collar, and placing your shirt sleeve in clean air so that you can overcome the poisioning of a fart dropped in your vicinity
I had to snorkel for a while, JOe really shit himself in the car
by Richard Hertz Call me Dick October 03, 2006
Oh My God! I can't believe nobody knows a real snorkel! It's when a girl is giving you a blowjob and when you are about to come you stick your dick deeper down her throat and pinch her nose. Your dick IS the snorkel.
I stuck my dick down Leyla's throat and pinched her nose when i was about to nut and gave her a snorkel.
by SMuOpKE August 31, 2006
verb.-to put something up the anal or vaginal cavity that does not belong naturally. If you don't indicate what with it is understood to be a dildo.
I am about to snorkel your ass with a baseball bat.
I snorkled your mom last night
by markdavidoff January 25, 2005
cocaine,blow, white lines
did you ask big poppie for some snorkel?
by lilcheet October 19, 2004
Show us your snorkel, pecker.
by dlack September 07, 2004
while recieving a blowjob; before busting a nut, you cover her mouth so she has to breath from her nose and jizz in her nostrals, thus creating a snorkel effect
Dude!!! I gave that whore a snorkel last night!!! Yeah!!!
by chazz!!chazz!!chazz!! May 03, 2007
The act of farting in the bathtub and then consuming the bubble that rises.
Carmen San Diego loves to snorkel.
by Vagina Fitz-Gerald November 22, 2006
To take one's own flacid penis and stretch through one's own legs and put it in one's own anus.
I was bored at the family reunion so I stuck my own dick in my own ass and went snorkeling
by Andrew Ritchie August 24, 2005

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