When a situation exeeds levels of greatness,this word is used in response or to describe it while being brief.
Hey man,I got three drunk chicks comin over.There's a case of beer in the fridge and a fat sack!! Response:Snoogins
by Ooogalie Boogalie April 14, 2003
Top Definition
just kidding
"Let's fuck"
by Anonymous June 24, 2003
Snoogins as said by Kevin Smith (the creator of the word) means just kidding.
I'm gonna do you right now. Snoogins
by Dave March 02, 2004
or, snoogins, Snooch, Snoochy Buchys. Derived from Kevin Smith in such movies as Dogma, Jay and silent bob strike back, and Mall Rats. Snoogins may be used in many different Forms of joy, Rage, Comical, Relief.
Snoogins! -- Kick Ass!

You Snooch! -- You pussy!

Snoochy Buchy!! -- Snoochy Buchy!!
by me mine August 31, 2005
When the snooch is in the nooch and the booch is to the noochy. A state of kidding or happiness that can be expressed with cool or great.
So, you wanna do me.
Response: Yeah
Snoogins (if applicable, snooch, snooch to the nooch, snooch-boochies, mad note)
by El Barto June 07, 2003
A word used in a time of excitment,sweet, or cool. It can also men just kidding.
"You just won a new car."... "Snoogins!!!"
by C-Wade November 08, 2007
Created by Kevin Smith, it is a word used when something good happens. Other words could be sweet, awsome, nice!!!
I just gof a new car, Snoogins!!!
by Killa C-Wade October 29, 2007
Meaning sweet or kick ass.- often used when something crazy occurs. when said it is proper to give your friend props
by Loki July 28, 2003
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