A word used to refer to people. Can mean an idiot or an intellectual, mostly someone idiotic. Or a dopey person.
Greg:Maden you are such a snodge
by J Jaden August 01, 2010
Top Definition
Someone who does the long jump but doesn't reach the sand.
You are a snodge.
by IT September 21, 2003
The excess foreskin on an uncircumcised penis.
My snodge covers the entire head of my knob.
by Cali Khaos March 13, 2014
A spatula weilding monster that has been known to fight for both good and evil. Known to use pastries as projectile weapons. Has special powers.
Henceforth, the Snodge of Darkness strode from its lair and murdered the good prince with a spatula.
by Cap'n Mac June 29, 2010
That stuff that remains days, weeks and perhaps months after a large snow storm. This is the stuff beside the road and/or perhaps at the ends of the mall parking lot.

It appears to be an ice and sludge combination which remains for much too long and an ugly aftermath to what once was a beautiful snowfall.

Also known as icegrime
When the hell is that snodge going to melt?!? Or, oh sh!t, I stepped in that snodge . . . now look at my boots!
by Dr. Den March 08, 2010
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