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acronym for: Slutty New Outfit Day

This is when attractive girls wear outfits that are very slutty on the first good day of spring. They are often found walking in malls or general shopping areas.

Sometimes the girls are very ugly, causing this event to be unwanted or obscene.
Jim: hey look at that girl over there; she's wearing a short skirt, thong, and barely any shirt!
George: wow, i didn't think that was legal.
Jim: That would be a SNOD.

Britney Spears dresses like everyday is a SNOD!
by g-diggity June 10, 2006
A smile and a nod, used in internet slang.
User 1: I just loved that movie, don't you agree?

User 2: *snod* It was great!
by EnchantedWarrior December 23, 2014
falling asleep during the performing of cunnilingus
I pissed my girlfriend off when I took a snod during foreplay.
by hal February 04, 2004
One under 3"5. One who will constantly project vocal noise into other's undeserving ears, especially during a showing of a movie. One who may twitch violently during winter. One who makes ears bleed.
My ears were bleeding horribly because of that snods over there!
A snod just ran under me!
by bluejos8 August 11, 2009
being drunk while on shrooms
"Dude, i was so snod last night, i don't remember was awesome!"
by blondeandhappy17 April 17, 2008
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