A brother who rats, rolls over or turns into Sammy the bull Gravano. A shit talker with an agenda to get what he wants.
Soldier 1) Teddy from 747 MP Co is a fucking snitch cuz he tattled to Ssg.B about a comment on my space.

Soldier 2) What a rat SNITCH mother fucker!

Soldier 1) thats ok snitches get stitches what goes around comes around.
by The Prospect May 02, 2008
A: a synonym for the word bitch, ya smell me?

B: also can be used as a synonym for dude, ya smell me?

C: also a rat, or a nigga that tell on other niggas (or white people, occasionally), ya smell me?
A: You dogg don't be hatin on Borat, she be my main snitch, ya smell me!?

B: Ey snitch, what da buidness is, ya smell me?!

C: Yo that nigga CUUURRRTTTISS be a snitch, ya dig!?
by YAAA DIIG!?! June 22, 2007
A word made un-cool by rappers who wear pink fur coats, and who got out of the ghetto by RAPPING not selling drugs, robbing or killing people, so these RAPPERS and MOB MOVIES are the last places you should look for advice to the streets. Mostly used by middle schoolers who have like a backwards way of thinking, also with narc wich means a narcotics officer, so i dont know where that came from. Anybody will snitch, but the ones who make the biggest deal about not doing it, will be the first ones to crack in interrigation, and get everybody in trouble even when the cops had absolutely no evidence on anybody.

There are different types of snitches, some are yes usually victims (however could kick the ass of a 13 y/o ratm fan) but usually coke heads who snitch on someone to get out of trouble. They are usually about 30, will lie about anything, even if they dont gain anything out of it, and live with their mom. They are easily spotted by their red jittery eyes.

However, a professional informant, one who's never been caught, who agrees to wear wires for money, is the best criminal ever. A true snake in the grass. think of denzel washington in training day, and that is what a regular professional informant is like. He doesnt live his life by any bullshit moral code, because he realizes he's a criminal, and the name of the game is to fuck the next man, and put yourself ahead. He will usually have a genious plan, taking both the cops, and dealers for a ride, and will usually end up fucking both over to get what he wants. The police PAY him to sell drugs, and turn their heads when he robs people. Truly the smartest grimiest criminals.

cops and snitches usually arent victims, they are the most vicious ruthless criminals who would kill their own mothers, and were smarter than the rest of the loosers in their neighborhood and realized the grass was alot greener on the other side. look up harry billups because training day wasnt fiction.
13 y/o wannabe stoner: dood are u lyk a snitch, lyk did u narc on me

harry billups/average informant: shut the fuck up you little dickhead, im going to cut your dads throat, and make you watch me make a snuff film with your mom you fucking prick.

13 y/o kidiot: cam'ron!!!! come get me with your pink lambroghini and your sparkling biscuit and save me!!!!!
by sin666 May 31, 2007
n. vagina, vag, snatch, twat, beaver, roast beef, clam, mound, something.
I lost my mojo and went out on a bender in search of some snitch.

I ate snitch last night.
by nick June 01, 2009
some one who says they didnt tell ya bestfriend u sleep his girl ( anth ya kraka :@ )
anth a snitch

say good bye to ya mothafuckin name we call u a snitch u ass complaines
by don rooster August 25, 2006
1.Someone who likes to gossip and snitch people out.
2.Someone who calls the police and tries to say they didn't.
3.Someone who gossips and snitchs people out for personal gain like getting a job or getting a promotionor monetary reasons.
Sandy she thinks she's so smart and she thinks no one is onto her little games but they are.She calls the police and thinks no one suspects and the dummy through her own big mouth gives herself away everytime.She is a real snitch. Let's plant stories on her and make her look like a fool!
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
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