A silly little negro child...
Wow...Is that sniglet really selling crack to that big nig?
#sniglet #snig #nig #niglet #big nig #niggah
by Dracotic July 31, 2007
Of or pertaining to the region located directly between either the ballsack and butthole, or between the vagina and butt hole.
Jamie: "ooooh! I've got something stuck to my sniglet!"

Matt: "I know, it's Busey's lips!"
#taint #smooth patch #chism #barth #ryan
by genius21 August 03, 2008
two words combined together, normally by combining the first part or syllable of one word and the last part of another word.
stupid, retard
sniglet to the first degree (two words combined): stetard, rupid

stupid, ugly, retard
sniglet to the second degree (3 words combined): stugtard, rugpid, strugly...

stupid, poop
conjunction sniglet (two words combined sharing one common letter): stupoop
by cato December 23, 2003
There are a few steps to understanding the definition of the word "Sniglet."

1. Piglet - A young pig. Generally, a baby pig.

2. Nigger - Now and typically, a socioeconomically disadvantaged, inner city Black or African American or Blafrican individual.

3. Snuggling - Similar to cuddling, it's an act done by men unto women, women unto women, or men unto men. Historically, this act is only performed post-coitus to ensure that the man or woman is brought to fruition at a later time.

Combining these words gives you "Sniglet": A young, piglet-looking nigger prone to snuggling. The word, Sniglette, albeit differently spelled, describes merely a change in gender.

Sniglet: Male
Sniglette: Female.
Larry: Sniglet?

Robert: Yes, sniglet. It's a word I just made up, bro. It's a piglet-looking nigger who likes to snuggles.

Larry: .............You're a monster.
#snuggling #piggy #piglet #nigger #socioeconomics #blafrican #racial equality #sniglette.
by Gremmickle February 23, 2008
a little black boy from the hood
jamal is a sniglet at my school
by jr April 14, 2004
a little black boy with a runny nose.
"Jess, could you please hand this tissue to that sniglet?"
by Ediz Hooker December 01, 2003
When a person has missing or severely chipped teeth.
"He was cute but I can't get past his sniglet smile."
by Michalla May 06, 2003
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