A muffin so desireable that when the chance arises to eat at the Y, you also realize it is a test set up by your bitch and she is watching; however the muffin is so fine you are willing to do an obvious fake sneeze so that your nose will bury itself into her pie. All the time knowing that you will be called on that fake sneeze the rest or your life and there will be hell to pay, yet you stick with the I can't control a sneeze line.
This pie was so unbelievable she was sneezable. We all got retarded and passed out at Walter's. It was 3:30 am and I awoke to Martha straddling my face with her cleanly shaved bean. All was good until I noticed my bitch was fake sleeping waiting to see what I would do with this situation. The only thing to do was fake a sneeze. My head jerked forward and my nose,lips and tongue got in it. Before my bitch could say anything I said, 'you can't control a sneeze baby'
by Shakah Bra February 24, 2004
Top Definition
Used to describe one's state of allergic plight, typically during hay-fever season. A sneezable person may sneeze at random or awkward moments, sneeze several times in a row, and/or will most likely not have tissues on hand.
"AahCHOO! Aah...CHOO aah CHOO! Ugh...sorry, I'm so sneezable today..."
"Whatever, dude...just - stop wiping your boogery hand on my sleeve..."
by Perianth April 28, 2008
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