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The use of alcohol from your parent's liquor cabinet in a covert manner.
"My parents catch my little brother sneaking out at night and in his defence he says 'I was trying the sneaky sneaky'"
by sniffmysquid May 06, 2007
12 3
What eastern europeans with accents refer to as alchohol, drugs, or other sketchy substances they are selling.
"Hey comrade, do you have the sneaky sneaky?"

by surfinloo February 02, 2009
5 2
Referring to any action performed with covert intent.
When she fell asleep I pulled a sneaky sneaky.
by friend of bob June 18, 2004
13 12
when you are with you're loved one
and you get a bit frisky you are being sneaky sneaky!!
how was the sneakyness last nite?
by lou December 10, 2003
8 9