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The use of alcohol from your parent's liquor cabinet in a covert manner.
"My parents catch my little brother sneaking out at night and in his defence he says 'I was trying the sneaky sneaky'"
by sniffmysquid May 06, 2007
What eastern europeans with accents refer to as alchohol, drugs, or other sketchy substances they are selling.
"Hey comrade, do you have the sneaky sneaky?"

by surfinloo February 02, 2009
Referring to any action performed with covert intent.
When she fell asleep I pulled a sneaky sneaky.
by friend of bob June 18, 2004
when you are with you're loved one
and you get a bit frisky you are being sneaky sneaky!!
how was the sneakyness last nite?
by lou December 10, 2003
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