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A person who intentionally displays a humorous or awkward facial expression in the background of a photograph.
The picture of us at the bar was good except for that sneaky panda in the booth behind us.
by Tater Po August 18, 2010
when you have a guy banging a chick in the ass and you replace the guy with a panda
my friend did a sneaky panda to his girlfriend
by alex chchifbvj February 25, 2008
Member of Xbox Live, and supposedly, is a part of an ancient ninja/assassin society. This can not be completely verified, as records of the society are scarce at best. Sneaky Panda is most likely only one name that he uses in his travels.
"I fear the Sneaky Panda will try to kill me tonight."
by Nother Member April 01, 2008
first of all i would like to point out that all these definitions are completely wrong. a sneaky panda is a mythical creature rumored to leap from bushes and ejaculate onto unsuspecting passerby's faces.
the common misconception is that a "sneaky panda" is a sexual act between two partners. when the male is pounding the female from behind, pulls out and spits on her back to make her think he just came. but then flips her over and pops in her face. this act however, is actually properly called the"philly fake-out"
"my relationship with my girlfriend hasn't been the same since she was sneaky panda-ed."
by savory one November 24, 2008
(n) A Black and White Police vehicle.
(n) A police vehicle parked around corners or in alley ways.
Watch out for the sneaky panda straight ahead!
by rboggs August 18, 2008

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