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When young girls text eachother plans at 12 in the morning for 12 at night. Sliding glass doors, Windows, Screens and doors slide quietly open as the girls; cell phones on silent, flip flops in hand, quietly tip toe out of their house. Once outside a simple 'im out' or 'where are you' is received from fellow sneakers and they are good to go!
"Wanna Sneak out tonight."
"Sure i hear theirs a party in the cuts"
"Ok ill call you when im sneaking out and we can go together'
"Cool ill go take off my screen right now"
"See you tonight!"
by Hannah Levine January 28, 2008
When you try to leave the house under the radar.
As the boy was sneaking out, he carefully made sure didn't make a peep so he didn't wake up his parents.
by Adam Kaezic June 12, 2008

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