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A snatch that can hold a penis firmly.
Lisa's snatchel is nice and tight.
by tysonzx July 04, 2009
An overnight bag packed in preparation for a one-night stand or any other sexual encounter. Standard contents include: toiletries, cheap body spray, stain remover, condoms, lubricant, handcuffs, sex toys, GPS transmitter, pepper spray, mood music (Barry White, Marvin Gaye, R. Kelly, etc.), and emergency penicillin shot.
-"Gotta go. I just received a booty call."

-"Be careful."

-"Oh, don't worry, Mom. I always keep a snatchel in my trunk."
by das_commish January 09, 2011
1. Meaning a small amount of something, such as a nibble of food, or sip of a beverage.

2. Synonym for snuggling.
1. "Hey love, can I have a snatchel of your cheesecake?"
2. "Hey love, wanna snatchel with an indie film tonight?"
by GregHead617 August 21, 2010
Adj. a person particularly a female experiencing symtoms similar to pre-menstrual syndrom however, these are at the end of a long day or early in the morning, or when not getting their way.
"Glad I bought you flowers today; it seemed to bring the snatchel right out of you!"
"If you're going to be a snatchel all day I will just go play video games."
by 31Dec08 or 01Jan09... April 09, 2009
When a woman uses her vagina to hold her personal objects, sorta like a coin purse or satchel.
Hey mom, have you seen my hat!?" "You can have it after you clean your room." "But I need it now!" "Then your going to have to reach in and get it out of MY SNATCHEL!" "Uh nevermind."
Are you using a snatchel or are you just happy to see me?
by Oscar The Cat August 14, 2010
snach-uhl A female's vaginal cavity specifically used for the transportation of illegal items.
Good thing there is a girl here to hide all of this cocaine in her snatchel as we cross the boarder.
by Nillie&Gundi July 23, 2011
variant of fanny pack or bumbag. along the lines of cunt case, pussy pouch, muff stuffer.
ram this into your snatchel while i eat my sandwich.
by freshco May 01, 2005